Traditionals Terms and Conditions
Pricing – Where pricing is shown on the website, this is exclusive of VAT charged at the UK rate, currently 20%
Ownership of Goods – All goods will remain the property of Traditionals until paid for in full. No financial offset against the value of goods supplied is permitted without the written agreement of Traditionals.
Dimensions – All our traditional radiators are individually hand cast and assembled, therefore total lengths/widths of the radiators can vary slightly. We strongly advise that you position your radiators before you install any pipe work. Traditionals will not be liable for any damage or losses incurred by the purchaser or their representative for installation of pipe work prior to the goods being placed in situ. Unless otherwise requested, radiators will be supplied bushed with 1/2” bottom pipe bushes.
Maximum Assembly Size – All our sectional radiators are assembled to a restricted size due to haulage and handling considerations. For most radiators this will be 20 sections. Radiators in excess of this size will be supplied with additional sections together with a radiator tool and assembly instructions for onsite assembly. Please be aware that all 4 end bushes are hand tight only, your installer should remove these and apply a suitable thread tape or joining paste before refitting.

Assembly Structure – Most of our sectional radiators will be supplied up to 14 sections with one integral leg at each end of the radiator. For radiators of an odd number of sections in excess of this, radiators will be supplied with three integral leg sections, one at each end and one centrally placed. For radiators of an even number in excess of this, radiators will be supplied with four integral leg sections, one at each end and two centrally placed. However, Traditionals reserves the right to vary this assembly structure.
Painting and Finishes – Sectional radiators are supplied in a primer coating ready to be painted. The colour of the primer varies by radiator and although Traditionals will endeavour to meet the purchasers’ requirements, it cannot be held responsible for failure to supply particular primer colour. We recommend that primed radiators are painted with either a hammered or enamel top coat (2-3 coats will suffice). Although radiators can be painted with almost any paint, some paint manufacturers tend to be reluctant to give guarantees for prolonged heat resistance, which is why we recommend the use of enamel paint. For painted goods, Traditionals gives no guarantee that the colour will accord precisely with the advertised colour and the purchaser accepts that there may be minimal differences. The colour and gloss level in any colour or RAL chart must be used only as guidance. Please note that the colours presented online will vary between different computers and monitors and that printed colours may vary slightly from the actual paint colour.
Polishing: Polished radiators are supplied coated with a thin layer of oil. Polished radiators should be kept oiled by applying a thin coat of oil every two months. This will protect the cast iron from rusting. Oils used can be anything from Danish oils to WD40 type oils; they must be clear and long lasting. If you forget to oil your radiator, depending on the moisture within the environment, a thin coast of rust may appear. This can easily be removed by applying a thin coat of T- Cut and then re oiling the radiator. Do not put any damp clothes on your radiators as this will cause them to rust.
Right of Substitution – Traditionals reserves the right to substitute equivalent goods should it deem necessary. All specifications are approximate and Traditionals shall have no liability in respect of reasonable deviations from these specifications. It also reserves the right to vary the specification of supplied goods and all goods are sold subject to the prices and terms and conditions ruling at the time of delivery.


Invoice – It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the invoice and ensure that all the details on the invoice are correct. Traditionals will not be held liable for any details that are incorrect if they have not been brought to the attention of Traditionals prior to the despatch of goods.
Payment – Payment for goods is in full in advance of delivery unless with the prior agreement of Traditionals in writing.
Delivery – Delivery dates are approximate and no liability whatsoever is accepted in respect of late deliveries. Upon request we supply estimated delivery dates. Purchasers are usually notified of confirmed delivery dates 2-3 days prior to despatch. Traditionals will not be responsible for any delays in the delivery of goods, nor for any damages or loss caused to the purchaser or other party as a consequence of this delay. Traditionals will endeavour to meet any special shipping requirements as a courtesy, but will not be held responsible for failure to meet these requirements.
Shipping – Radiators will be shipped by a pallet forwarding network using a HGV. When shipped using this method the haulage company will attempt to deliver pallets as close as possible to the purchasers required position, usually to the closest hard standing area. The haulage company is under no obligation to remove items from the pallet, nor carry items into the purchasers’ property. The purchaser should warn Traditionals if there is restricted access, soft or gravelled driveways. Should Traditionals not be notified in advance of any restrictions in delivery access, or should the purchaser or their representatives not be present to sign for the goods, Traditionals reserves the right to charge a redelivery fee should redelivery be necessary. Cast iron radiators are very heavy; please ensure that either sufficient manpower, or lifting gear, is available to unload the pallet. For timed, and/or Saturday deliveries, the haulage company levies additional charges, please contact Traditionals for details of these charges. Small items will be delivered by courier. Traditionals will not be held responsible for any failure of the pallet forwarding network or the courier to deliver within any specified period.
Acceptance of Deliveries: Please ensure that goods are unpacked when they are delivered and check them against the delivery note. Any goods damaged in transit must be reported to us within 3 days of delivery. Traditionals will not be held liable for any damaged goods if not reported to us within this three day time period. Traditionals cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring after delivery.
Back Orders – Should any item requested by the purchaser be on back order, Traditionals will try to supply such goods as soon as possible. However, Traditionals will not be responsible for any delays in the delivery of goods, nor any damages or loss caused to the purchaser or other party as a consequence of this delay.
Force Majeure – No responsibility can be accepted by Traditionals for any failure or delay in performance which is wholly or partially due to an Act of God, War, Fire, Explosion, Riot, Civil Commotion, Restriction by Government or other competent authority, Strikes, Lock Outs, or to any cause whatsoever beyond its control.



Post Sales:
Guarantee – Radiators are guaranteed for a period of ten years and valves for five years from the date of the purchasers invoice to be free from any manufacturing defects. Traditionals will replace any faulty goods free of charge within this period, subject to the following conditions:


  •      The defect is not due to wear and tear, accident, misuse, improper operation or failure due to incorrect installation
  • The cost of labour is paid by the purchaser
  • Proof of purchase is available
  •      No caustic, corrosive, acidic plumbing compounds or liquids are to be on or in any part or our radiators, valves or connections including aggressive flushing agents. If this is required the radiators should be flushed thoroughly with clean water only. The water in the system MUST be neutralised correctly following the use of any compounds etc if required using appropriate crystals or similar. Where caustic and or corrosive compounds (liquid or other) have been introduced into the radiator(s) which have caused damage to seals/gaskets, this will invalidate any guarantee offered.
  • Powder coating primed radiators by the purchaser or their agents invalidates the guarantee as Traditionals has no control over how the radiators have been shot blasted or heat treated
  • Traditionals reserves the right to change only the defective section of a sectional radiator
  • Consequential loss – Traditionals is not liable for any consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by any defect in its goods
  • The benefit of this warranty is given to the first retail purchaser of the goods and is not assignable


Traditionals reserves the right to give a refund of the cost of the goods instead of replacing or repairing them. Such refund would be given after the goods have been returned to Traditionals, Northallerton Base.


Return Policy – Traditionals will accept the return of non-faulty goods as long as the goods are fit for purpose and in the same condition that they left its warehouse. Upon the return of such goods in the aforementioned condition a full refund of the cost of the radiator(s) in primer finish will be given within 30 days subject to a 30% restocking charge and the cost of returning the goods to the warehouse. The cost of painting is non refundable.


Complaints – Traditionals prides itself on the provision of first rate customer service, however in the unlikely event that you do have a complaint, such a complaint must be furnished to Traditionals in writing within 7 days of the receipt of goods setting out the grounds of the complaint. Traditionals will ensure that any such complaint is dealt with sensitively and in a timely fashion.


In these terms and conditions the term ‘Purchaser’ refers to the purchaser of any goods and the term ‘goods’ refers to any item sold by the company Traditionals.
By using Traditionals website you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions you may not use our website.
Traditionals holds no credit card details after an order has been successfully placed.
Traditionals respects the privacy of its customers and the users of its website and will never supply any personal details to third parties without permission.