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Ordering Victorian style column radiators from Traditionals could not be easier – simply follow the steps below and you can look forward to taking delivery of a product manufactured by skilled engineers and craftsmen with over 40 years of experience.

Contact us by telephone or email stating your requirements. We will help by advising you on the size of column radiator that best suits your room. We will calculate the correct heat output for each one you require. We will discuss fixing options and whether to have the column radiators floor or wall mounted as well as helping you to decide on either choosing a raw metal finish for that extra traditional, Victorian look, or help you to select the right colour, not forgetting accessories and valves which are an important addition.
The Quotation. Once we have discussed every aspect of the order, we will email you our detailed quotation. This will be itemised and confirm all that was discussed and allows you to consider your purchase in your own time before committing to an order.
The order: Simply contact us with your confirmation order and we will do the rest. We like to think that by following these 3 simple steps that we have given you the confidence that we will build your traditional style column radiators to your exact specifications. Something you do not get from other websites when you ‘click & buy’.

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Column Radiators

The column radiator is a good looking, functional and cost effective radiator that is very popular with our customers. These radiators are perfect for period style and contemporary homes.  The sturdy build quality makes these radiators a great choice for busy homes and commercial environments.

Customers interested in this option can choose from 2 column, 3 column or 4 column configurations.  The columns are the tubes that connect the top to the bottom.  The choice really comes down to which you think is the better looking and how much space you have to work with.

This radiators main feature is the seamless welding.  That’s what makes it stand out and if you want something more than a plain white radiator then we can paint the column radiator to your specific needs.  As you can imagine the column radiator is a heavy duty option so we can provide support feet to support the weight.  If you have any concerns you should contact us.  We will be able to provide you with more information such as valve options and we don’t mind doing things the old fashioned way and can speak to you up until 8:00 pm

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